Tafoya, Margaret – Large “Gourd” Jar (1970’s)

10"w x 6.25"h

$ 6,200.00

This is an exceptional jar by Margaret Tafoya is from the 1970s.  It is one of our favorite shapes that she made.  It is called a “gourd bowl”.  The name comes from the small gourd “shards” that are used to smooth the inside of the pottery when it is being made. The shape of these pieces of gourd are similar in shape to the indentions on the shoulder of the piece.  They are also technically difficult as the indentions are areas pushed into the clay.  On this jar, I took a photo from the top just to show how deep the indentions are on the side!  Of course, the entire piece has to be polished at one time which adds to the difficulty in the piece. This jar is highly polished and has a beautiful shine.  The additional highlight of the shape is how the various curves on the surface reflect the light.  The jar is in very good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  This jar is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Margaret Tafoya”.  Definitely a great piece of history by this important Pueblo potter!