Tafoya, Margaret – Large Wedding Vase with Avanyu (1950’s)

12"w x 18"h

$ 14,500.00

This is a large wedding vase by Margaret Tafoya.  It is from the 1950’s.  The design is a water serpent and it is very deeply carved into the clay.  There is an unusual cloud pattern above the head of the water serpent, and another cloud pattern on the reverse of the bowl.  It is this style of carving which is more usually seen on the work of the late 1950’s.  The shape of the vase is rounder with the extended spouts.  The entire surface of the wedding vase is fully polished.  The style and complexity of the carving, also suggest that it was probably designed by Margaret’s husband, Alcario Tafoya.  Toni Roller said of her father’s designs:

“Alcario did help with some of the designs. His are bold designs. My dad’s designs are very outstanding. You can tell the difference between my mother’s and my dad’s designs. He did a lot of designs on my mother’s pots. Sorry to say he was never given very much credit for it.” —Toni Roller, Spoken Through Clay

The wedding vase is signed, “Margaret Tafoya”.  It is in very good condition with chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  There are surface scratches which are expected on pieces from this period, but no structural issues.