Tafoya-Sanchez, Linda – Large Cloud Bowl with Sun and Bear Paw (2021)

9.5" long x 6"w x 7.25"h

$ 3,900.00

Linda Tafoya-Sanchez is a granddaughter of noted potter Margaret Tafoya and she is known for her carved pottery.  This is a traditional bowl with step designs on the sides representing clouds.  It is always a challenge to create this form so that it doesn’t crack in drying, carving, polishing, or firing!  The bowl has a rising sun design on one side. The sun is carved with 32 feathers.  Each is separately polished. On the opposite side, there is the setting sun with a bear paw in the center.  Surrounding the bear paw are 30 feathers.  Linda has also carved a band in the same step design like the shape of the bowl encircling the piece.  Surrounding the carved design she has used mica to contrast with the polished surfaces.  The remaining carved areas are fully polished to a high shine.  It is a striking shape and detailed design. It is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Linda Tafoya-Sanchez”.  It’s great to see such creative and traditional work from her in the gallery!