Tafoya, Stephanie – “Family Feast” 3 Piece Lidded Melon Bowl

4"w x 5.5"h

$ 1,200.00

Stephanie Tafoya is a 30-year-old great-granddaughter of Margaret Tafoya, a granddaughter of Lee Tafoya, and the daughter of Mel Tafoya. She has learned to make pottery from her aunt, Linda Tafoya-Sanchez.  Each piece is coil-built, carved, stone polished, and traditionally fired.  This piece is part of her series entitled, “Tewa Voices”.   Each piece that is part of this series focuses on Tewa life, family, and culture.  This piece is entitled “Family Feast”.  Stephanie said of this piece:

“Family Feast” is a three piece set that is mean tot be a sugar bowl with a spoon.  The actual vessel is a traditional melon bowl topped with an horno/corn lid and peel. This piece represents our Pueblo people and families in preparation for Feast Day (August 12 at Santa Clara Pueblo). We’re having fun, eating watermelon, baking bread traditionally in the horno oven and making sure our corn is ready to dance.

The bottom is carved with sixteen melon ribs and each is stone polished.  The lid fits perfectly onto the top of the piece. The lid is textured and matte.  The top of the lid has an ear of corn with polished and matte kernels.  There is also an opening on the side of the lid for a spoon that sits into the piece. The spoon is matte.  It is an exceptional grouping that not only captures an important cultural moment but also the technicality of the work in clay!  They are signed on the bottom.  Her name in Tewa is “Khung Be”, which means Holly Berry. This is a hallmark she also puts on her pottery.