Tafoya, Stephanie – “Spring Hummingbirds” Jar

3"w x 3"h

$ 625.00

Stephanie Tafoya is a 29-year-old great-granddaughter of Margaret Tafoya, a granddaughter of Lee Tafoya, and the daughter of Mel Tafoya. She has learned to make pottery from her aunt, Linda Tafoya-Sanchez.  Each piece is coil built, carved, stone polished, and traditionally fired.  This piece is part of her series entitled, “Seasons Changing”.   Each piece that is part of this series represents the summer, winter, spring, and Fall.  This jar is entitled, “Spring Hummingbirds”.  The jar has a fluted rim, much like the work of SaraFina Tafoya and her “raindrop” rims.  On the side are two hummingbirds that have been etched into the clay.  Extending up from the base are 32 Hummingbird feathers.  They are carved into the clay and each is stone polished.  The jar was traditionally fired black. It is signed on the bottom.  Her name in Tewa is “Khung Be”, which means Holly Berry. This is a hallmark she also puts on her pottery.  Each piece also comes with a book telling her story and the story of this series of pottery (see last photo).

Stephanie said of this piece:

Spring Hummingbirds

For me, spring signifies new growth and life. We see the hummingbirds returning and the cycles of life continuing. The excitement of new plant growth and tending to our gardens breathes new life in our souls.

I wanted to portray all of spring with this vase. As the grass begins to grow, you see the hummingbirds emerging to get sustenance from the flower at the rim. I etched the hummingbirds as a reminder of just how delicate and beautiful nature is. It is vital to be mindful and take care of our environment. We are all connected. We are one.   Stephanie Tafoya