Takala, Jason – Large Double Overlay Silver & 14K Gold Bears and Feathers Seedpot

5" diameter

$ 4,800.00

Jason Takala has long been one of the most sought-after Hopi jewelers creating the classic double overlay.  Each piece is creatively designed and then cut out of sterling silver or gold and then soldered to the second piece of silver.  As long as I have known Jason, he has been fascinated with making “pottery” in silver.  This is one of his larger and more complex seedpots.  The seedpot itself is made up of two pieces of silver soldered together to make the “vessel”. The design on the top is double overlay of silver on silver.  This piece is unusual as while there are six silver bears, there is one 14K gold bear.  Each bear is double overlay and each has a different design.  In the center is a feather pattern.  It is large and striking piece and the use of the 14K gold bear adds to the overall impact. The background area that is black is also stamped with design and then oxidized black.  Jason said he indented the bottom of the seedpot, so it was more like the bottom of a piece of pottery!  It is a seedpot of exceptional complexity in design and technique.  It is stamped on the back with his signature hallmark.

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