Tapia, Belen – Red Carved Jar with Mountain Designs (1970’s)

8"w x 7"h

$ 1,500.00 $ 1,100.00

Belen Tapia was a diverse potter creating everything from painted to carved pottery.  This jar is from the 1970’s and at that time she was making primarily carved pottery.  Belen Tapia was a niece of Sara Fina Tafoya and the mother of Anita Suazo, and Anna Archuleta.  This jar is very deeply carved with a mountain or kiva step pattern on two sides.  Separating the mountains are cloud, wind and rain patterns.  It is unusual as it is a very fluid design across the surface.  The neck of the jar is just slightly turned out. The surface is highly polished and the background area has the traditional cream-colored clay slip.  The jar is signed on the bottom in the clay and it is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.