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Tenorio, Robert – Canteen with Bird Handles

Tenorio, Robert – Canteen with Bird Handles

6"w x 5.25"h
$ 250.00
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This is a striking canteen by Robert Tenorio.  The jar is painted with wild spinach (black) and red and copper colored clay slips.  On the sides of the jar Robert has painted flowers and clouds.  The petals of the flowers are highlighted with various clay slips.  The handles of the canteen are in the shape of two birds.  Each bird is painted differently.  The canteen has a “spirit line” or a break in the painted line around the rim.  This goes back to historic Kewa pottery when the artist would use the spirit line to release their spirit or connection from the vessel.  The jar is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Robert Tenorio, Kewa”.

In stock

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