Tenorio, Robert – Water Jar with Birds and Clouds

7.5"w x 6.75"h

$ 575.00

This is a striking contemporary jar by Robert Tenorio.  The jar is painted with wild spinach (black) and red and copper-colored clay slips.  The jar a low shoulder and an elongated neck.  The neck is fully painted with cloud and mountain designs.  Robert has used both the red and copper-colored mica slips to accentuate the designs.  The shoulder of the jar is fully painted with four birds.  Each bird has a cloud design and elongated tails. The bottom of the jar is slipped red.  The rim of the jar has a “spirit line” which is a painted “space” in the line around the rim, often seen on historic Kewa pottery.    It is a charming and perfectly painted piece by his award-winning Kewa potter.  The jar is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Robert Tenorio, Kewa”.  Note the big dipper pattern, which Robert also etches into the designs of all his pottery as part of his signature.