Trammel, Jennie – Red Jar with Cloud and Wave Designs (1980’s)

6.75" w x 7.75"h

$ 3,500.00

This is a stunning bowl by Jennie Trammel.  She was a daughter of Margaret Tafoya.  Over the years Jennie did not make a lot of pottery as she lived a very private life and was virtually never involved in markets or gallery shows.  However, she created exceptional pottery with classic shapes and designs which were distinctive to her work.  Each piece was coil built and it was the carving, with the rounded edges, which remains a visual key to her work.  This is one of her very deeply carved pieces.  The jar has two large sections of carving.  Each ahs cloud, rain, mountain, and vase designs.  The jar has a slight, out-turned rim.  The carved edges are rounded and the background is slipped with the traditional white clay. The jar is very highly polished and fired a deep deep red coloration.  She even polished the inside of the rim and down inside the neck!  It is signed, “Jennie Trammel” in the clay on the bottom.   This jar is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.