Tso, Jr., Damon – Tall Jar with Corn Handles

7"w x 7.25"h

$ 800.00

Damon Tso, Jr., is a self-taught potter.  He began making pottery in 2003 and each piece is coil-built and made from clay that he sources from near his home in Buffalo Springs, New Mexico.  This jar has a high shoulder and an elongated neck.  It is thin-walled and has an elegant form.  There are two sculptural ears of corn has the handles on the jar.  Note around the shoulder the larger diamond shapes.  Note the texture, as they were scraped with a corn cob, reminiscent of older-style Navajo pottery.  If you look closely the texture goes in opposite directions in each of the shapes.  The jar was traditionally fired and then covered with pinon-pitch after the firing.   It is signed, “Damon Tso, Jr.” on the bottom.