Vargas, Andrea – “Little Gem” (Oil on Birch Panel) 8″ x 8″

8" x 8" 10" x 10" framed

$ 725.00

This new painting by Andrea Vargas is entitled, “Little Gem“.  It is oil on birch panel.  This painting is one of a series of hummingbirds in motion.  She says of her hummingbird paintings:  “The hummingbird is a phenomenal entity to behold, but the prose of Pablo Neruda provoked my newest paintings — each one pays homage to swift movements and the racing heartbeat.

Andrea Vargas merges aspects of abstract impressionism with a contemporary purpose. Signature work includes life-size drawings rife with energy, dynamic compositions, and bold mark-making. Also distinct to her artistic process is the vision of the work— narratives with intrinsic symbols that revere nature and the elements.  Andrea thoughtfully says of her work:

“Life is precious, fleeting and bound to an exquisite network of life.  Plein air painting encourages the artist to be mindful of her surrounding and because it is a discipline of painting within the outdoors and with the elements of nature.  The most abrasive being the sun, the wind and the rain. Ultimately, taking time to create in nature has facilitated my strongest insights as a designer, along with patience and intuitive mark making.