Vigil, Felix – “Beyond the Distant Moon” Mixed Media on Board

24"w x 24"

$ 3,200.00

Felix Vigil is Jemez Pueblo and Jicarilla Apache. His paintings are typically mixed media on board.  He applies layers of paper for texture then paints with acrylic.  The result is a fluid surface which has texture the appearance of somewhere between watercolor and acrylic.  This painting is entitled, “Beyond the Distant Moon”. It has a classic Key-Hole doorway in the center.  This an iconic door shape in places such as Chaco Canyon.  Peering through the doorway is the moon, but asks the question of looking out onto the night sky, or the past..or the future.  The Doorway is surrounded by a variety of Pueblo designs.  The sides of the painting are painted so it doesn’t require a frame.  It is signed in the corner.  Felix says of his paintings:

“Within the scheme of the design, there is an interdependence and relationship that exists between each design element and symbol. This speaks of the relationship that is evident in the world around us. Each creature is dependent on another to live and survive. And we, as humans, depend on these creatures to live.”

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