Vigil, Minnie – Large Polychrome Bowl with Feather and Cloud Medallions (1980’s)

6.25"w x 5"h

$ 400.00

Minnie Vigil is renown for her polychrome pottery.  In the 1980’s she created a distinctive style of pottery using different clays to create colorful designs on her pottery. This large bowl is designed with four medallions,  Two medallions have a feather pattern with a cloud design in the center.  The opposite medallions have cloud designs.  There are FIVE different colors of clay used on this piece, which makes it a true polychrome (meaning more than three colors of clay).  The top of the piece has additional cloud motifs around the mouth of the bowl.  Note the symmetry of her painted designs and the precision of the lines.  Her work was an exciting variation when she first began this unique style of painting on her vessels.  The bowl is in very good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  It is signed on the bottom, “Minnie”.  She is a sister to potters Gloria Garcia (Goldenrod), Lois Guiterrez and Thelma Talachy and an aunt to Jason Garcia.