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Whitegeese, Daryl – Black Water Jar w/ Bear Tracks

Whitegeese, Daryl – Black Water Jar w/ Bear Tracks

8.5"w x 8.25"h
$ 2,200.00
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This jar by Daryl Whitegeese is a classic water jar shape with a high shoulder and slightly turned out neck.  The jar is fully polished and Daryl is among the few potters who can stone polish the entire surface of a vessel to such a high shine!  The angles of the shoulder work perfectly to reflect the light.  Adding to the impact of the piece he has also incised some small bear tracks into the rim of the jar. The bear tracks are part of the story of how a bear brought the Pueblo people to water during a drought.    This jar is exceptional with a stunning balance of shape and polish complemented with the traditional imagery of the bear tracks. Daryl is the son of noted potter LuAnn Tafoya and grandson of Margaret Tafoya.

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