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Whitegeese, Daryl – Rainbow Ridge Water Jar with Bear Paw

Whitegeese, Daryl – Rainbow Ridge Water Jar with Bear Paw

9"w x 11.25"h
$ 4,500.00
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This is a striking water jar by Daryl Whitegeese.  Daryl said he was inspired by the shapes of the water jars made by his grandmother, Margaret Tafoya.  The jar has the classic double shoulder or “rainbow ridge”.  This is not just an added coil on the surface, but if you feel inside the jar, you can actually feel the second shoulder.  I wrote of the rainbow ridge on Santa Clara pottery:

“Sarafina was inspired by the myths and legends of Santa Clara Pueblo, which were incorporated into her pottery. On the shoulder of her water jars, a second raised section or ‘double shoulder’ created a ‘rainbow band.’ This band was a prayer to keep the water from evaporating from the jar.” —CHARLES S. KING, 2008, Born of Fire: The Life and Pottery of Margaret Tafoya

The jar is highly polished and traditionally fired a dark black.  There is a single bear paw as the design on one side of the neck.  The bear paws represent a Tewa story where a bear led the Pueblo people to water during a drought.   The jar is signed on the bottom in the clay.  Definitely a classic piece keeping family history alive!  Congrats to Daryl who recently won “Best of Pottery at the Heard Museum Indian Market in 2019!

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Whitegeese, Daryl (b. 1964)

daryl whitegeese pottery demo

Daryl Whitegeese

daryl whitegeese

Daryl Whitegeese polishing a piece of his pottery (2013)

Daryl Whitegeese is the son of noted potter LuAnn Tafoya, and the grandson of Santa Clara pottery family matriarch Margaret Tafoya. Daryl has committed himself to creating classic Santa Clara style pottery.  You can see the expert polish and shape that his mother and grandmother handed down to him.  He creates traditional pottery where each vessel is coil built, sanded shaped and carved, then stone polished and native fired. He has built his reputation on reviving historic shapes and designs in his pottery along with a distinctive style of carving and highly polished surfaces. He has won numerous awards for his pottery over the past several years at Santa Fe Indian Market and the Heard Indian Market. At Santa Fe Indian Market he was awarded the "Utilitarian Pottery" special award. In 2014 Daryl won "Best of Pottery" at the Heard Indian Market.
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