Winder, Kwani Povi – “Window to the Past” Oil on Linen, 16″ x 24″

16" x 24" unframed 21.5" x 30" framed

$ 4,000.00

This is a traditional oil painting by Kwani Povi Winder.  It has vibrant colors, deep emotions, and loose brushstrokes. The piece is entitled, “Window to the Past”.  It is a view of ancient Pueblo ruins in a canyon.  Kwani says that she was inspired by the numerous ancient sites near Santa Clara Pueblo, in Chaco Canyon, and throughout the Southwest.  She has taken an interesting perspective for this piece, looking out onto the world, as opposed to the usual view of us looking into the canyon wall or alcove to see the ruins.  Kwani seeks to explore her Santa Clara Pueblo Tewa heritage through painting and draws on her religious beliefs when developing and painting a native figure. Through her paintings, she seeks to preserve, share, and educate about her unique heritage.   The painting has strong composition and coloration.  The piece is framed as seen in the photo.