Youngblood, Christopher – 16 Rib Swirl Melon Bowl with Kiva Step Lid

4.25"w x 6"h

$ 4,000.00

Christopher Youngblood creates intricately carved vessels which reflect a perfect balance of matte and polished surfaces with intricately carved designs.   This is a classic swirl melon bowl.  It has 16 ribs, each carved into the clay and each stone polished. The ribs are very highly polished with an amazing shine and flow from the rim to the base.  The lid has a kiva step design, which is polished on both sides.  Take a closer look at the photos and note the precision and glassy appearance from the polishing.  The remainder of the lid is matte in contrast to the polished surfaces.  The last two photos are of the box being fired outside in the flames along with the manure being poured over the piece to turn it black.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay.  I’m pleased that I have been working with Chris since 2010 when I wrote the first article on him for Native People’s magazine.  It is exciting to see how his work has progressed over the years and the awards for his pottery, including the 2104 “Best of Pottery” at Santa Fe Indian Market.  He was featured in the book, Spoken Through Clay, and continues to be one of the leading young potters working today.

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