Youngblood, Nancy – 16 Rib Slant Swirl Jar with Kiva Step Lid

4"w x 8"h (w/ lid)

$ 9,800.00

This is an elegant jar by Nancy Youngblood. This shape is a classic form with a round body and a straight neck. The jar is carved with very deep ribs which begin at the neck and extend down to the base. What makes the shape work is is the ribs seem to fold around the piece so that the shape remains visible but there is an unexpected fluidity and movement.  This is the difficulty but the strength of this piece is that it remains in perfect balance.  There are sixteen ribs that encircle the piece.  They are carved into the clay and then each is stone polished.  Consider that each rib has two “sides” to be polished and the surface area of the piece is about double its size!  She also made a lid for the jar which is both carved and incised with a kiva step pattern.  Read more about the symbolism in the lids below.  The lid fits perfectly into the rim of the jar.  Nancy has won numerous awards for her melon bowls including Best of Pottery several times at Santa Fe Indian Market, along with Best of Show.  The jar is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Nancy Youngblood”. Nancy said of this style of her pottery:

“The kiva step lid. I saw that design a lot when I was a young girl both on pottery and on my mom’s embroidery. I wanted to try that pattern with a lid. It’s tough to do because lids are so fragile. You have to make it solid and then cut into it to get the shape. Lids are probably some of the hardest things to do with the pottery.” Nancy Youngblood, Spoken Through Clay