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Youngblood, Nancy – 32 Rib “S” Swirl Melon Jar with Lid

Youngblood, Nancy – 32 Rib “S” Swirl Melon Jar with Lid

5.5"w x 6.25"h (w/ lid)
$ 14,000.00
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This is an exceptional larger bowl by Nancy Youngblood.  Nancy is renowned for her melon carved bowls for which she has won numerous awards over the years.  The “s” swirl, where it goes back and forth from the rim to the base, is one of her most famous and visually striking forms. This bowl has 32 ribs, each tightly carved, sharp on the edge and swirling from rim to base.  The way the light hits the surface of the bowl simply perfect.   Amazingly, Nancy says that she can only polish 3 ribs at a time, as they are so time involved.  As well, each rib has two sides and so the actual volume of the bowl is nearly twice that of its size!  Add to that the lid, which continues the melon rib design up above the rim of the jar.  Each of Nancy’s lids is perfectly fit into the top at just one spot.  This jar is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Nancy Youngblood”.  Simply perfect!


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