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Youngblood, Nancy – Asymmetric Swirl and Shell Jar with Lid (2018)

Youngblood, Nancy – Asymmetric Swirl and Shell Jar with Lid (2018)

3"w x 10"h (w/ lid)
$ 12,000.00
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This is an extraordinary tall jar by Nancy Youngblood. The shape is one which has become iconic for her pottery and especially the melon ribs.  The straight sides show off all the various designs.  On two of the sections there are shells.  Why shells?  They are often used in Pueblo dances and ceremonies as part of necklaces.  The interesting aspect to them on Nancy’s pottery is that each of the sections is rounded out and polished just like her melon ribs!  The two other sections have various melon swirl designs carved into they clay. They are more “free form” and ebb and flow to create unique shapes.  There are deep ridges and rounded sections.  It is a beautiful flow of design on the jar!  The background area is perfectly sanded and smooth to contrast with the highly polished sections. This is always difficult as the matte areas can cast shadows if they are note smooth.  The lid is also carved with swirls of ribbed designs.  Throughout the entire piece the angles of her carving create a strong surface for the reflection of light.  Nancy said of this style of her work:

“I’ve had problems that if I carve it too thin, it will break. I’ve had that happen so many times. I get to the end and I’m carving the single ribs and it has an air pocket in it. You wet it with slip and then when you touch it, with the first stroke of the stone, the clay falls off. There’s nothing you can do. It’s a loss.”  Nancy Youngblood, Spoken Through Clay

Nancy has won numerous awards, from “Best of Pottery” to “Best of Show” at Santa Fe Indian Market for her melon bowls.  This new jar is signed on the bottom in the clay.  This is undoubtedly a contemporary classic of her style!

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Youngblood, Nancy (b. 1955)

Nancy YoungbloodNancy Youngblood

Nancy Youngblood, 2018. King Galleries | Santa Fe

  Nancy Youngblood is a daughter of Mela Youngblood and a granddaughter of Margaret Tafoya.  She was inspired to begin making the swirl melon bowls when she saw one made by her great-uncle Camilio Tafoya.  Each piece is coil built, carved, stone polished and native fired.  Nancy is focused both on the artistry of her pottery but also on the traditions of Santa Clara Pueblo and her family. When Nancy Youngblood first began making pottery, she started with miniatures, focusing on creating very intricate form and tightly carved designs.  Her melon ribbed vessels are among her best-known forms.  There are a variety of styles, including straight ribs, swirl ribs and "s" swirl ribs.  Each variation required different techniques.  Nancy also creates "free form" designs, which allow her to use the melon rib concept of abstract designs. In 1989 she won "Best of Show" at Santa Fe Indian Market. The was a testament to the quality and integrity of her pottery art.  As well, it was ten years earlier that Margaret Tafoya, her grandmother, also won "Best of Show". Today, Nancy Youngblood continues this amazing legacy.  Her sons, Christopher, Sergio, and Joseph, have all worked with the clay.  It is important to her that each of them learns the techniques and cultural importance of the clay.  Nancy's pottery can be found in museums worldwide.  She has also been featured in numerous books including, "Crafted to Perfection", "Born of Fire" and "The Art of Clay".  Most recently she won "Best of Pottery" at the 2015 Santa Fe Indian Market for a large jar with melon ribs and a horse design.  Stunning!
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