Youngblood, Nancy – Fully Carved Box with Flame Lid

4.75"w x 7"h (w/ lid)

$ 14,000.00

Stunning!  This is an exceptional and unique box by Nancy Youngblood.  The box is fully carved on all four sides.  What makes it so interesting and complex is how the designs flow from one section to another.  One side has an “S” swirl from the rim to the base. The next has sharp-edged swirl ribs.  They flow into a spiral which is quite visually exceptional. Each rib swirls inward from the edge to the center!  The final side has a “S” swirl in the center and surrounded by additional ribs. Each side is dynamic and looking at any of the two sections is amazing.  The lid is matte and has a flame handle.  Each side is carved and polished with melon ribs to create the flame.  Note as well that each side of the flame lid is different!  The entire surface is also fully stone polished and consider that each rib has two “sides” to be polished and the surface area of the piece is about double its size!  The box and lid are both signed in the clay on the bottom, “Nancy Youngblood”.  Nancy has won numerous awards for her melon bowls including Best of Pottery several times at Santa Fe Indian Market, along with Best of Show.