Youngblood, Nancy & Christopher Youngblood – 32 Straight Rib Water Jar

4"w x 4"h

$ 4,800.00

This is a striking collaborative piece by Nancy Youngblood and her son, Christopher Youngblood. The jar was made by Chris and carved with 32 straight melon ribs that extend from the neck to the base.  They are perfectly symmetrical and slightly rounded out. The jar was polished by Nancy and a glassy appearance to the surface.  The inside is slipped with mica.  It was traditionally fired a deep black coloration.  The collaboration brings together two exceptional potters with one piece.  The jar is signed, “Chris Youngblood, Nancy Youngblood”.  It is exciting to see the variation and complementary creativity of these two amazing potters!  The last photo is of the jar in the firing.