Youngblood, Nathan – Tall Jar with Carved Avanyu , Clouds, and Lid (1990s)

5"w x 11"h (w/ lid)

$ 6,500.00

This is a striking lidded jar by Nathan Youngblood.  The piece is carved in the style of his work from the 1990s.  The jar has a large medallion on one side with a swirling avanyu.  In the center of the avanyu is a carved water design. The opposite side has a circular cloud pattern.  Separating them are two panels with cloud designs.  The neck and base are fully polished.  Separating the carved and polished areas is a band of matte that encircles the jar.  The matte areas are in contrast to the highly polished surface and draw the eye to the carved areas. The jar has a carved lid that fits perfectly onto the top of the piece. The lid is both polished and matte. The jar is signed on the bottom in the clay “Nathan Youngblood” and the hallmark of his name in Tewa.

“Much of what my grandfather Alcario Tafoya did was bold design work. He didn’t do anything really intricate. Not that he wasn’t capable of it. He kept his designs simple. The designs didn’t have to be detailed and ornate to transfer the thought of what the design meant. The large avanyu, you can tell it’s a large avanyu surrounded by the clouds.”  Nathan Youngblood, Spoken Through Clay