Youngblood, Nathan – Black Oval Jar with Cloud and Walking Bear Paw Designs

6.5" long x 6"w x 6.5"h

$ 6,500.00

This is an oval-shaped jar by Nathan Youngblood.  The jar is an unusual shape when you look down from the top, as it is oval in shape. As well, the main design encircles the jar at an angle.  The rim and the neck are fully polished. The design is a cloud and rain pattern that swirls around the top of the shoulder.  The designs are deeply cut into the clay and highly polished. There is a single section with a micaceous clay slip.  Below the shoulder, there are two sections with a “walking bear paw” design.  They are separated by cloud and rain patterns.  Nathan’s black pieces often achieve a “water-like” appearance to the polished surface, which gives them their own distinctive shine.  The jar is signed on the back with his name and Tewa name hallmark.