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Youngblood, Nathan -Black Tear Drop Shaped Plate

Youngblood, Nathan -Black Tear Drop Shaped Plate

14"h x 11.5"w
$ 12,800.00
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Nathan Youngblood is one of the few Pueblo potters who creates large and intricately carved plates.  In addition to the round and oval ones, he has also created his own distinctive form of the “tear drop” shape.  This piece is coil built, carved, stone polished and traditionally fired. He designed this plate so that it has a “shield-like” appearance with a central medallion and the designs emanating out from the center.  The imagery is all cloud and rain patterns.  The band extending out from the center are slipped with a micaceous clay, creating another visual contrast from the matte and polished surfaces.  The polished areas here are perfectly polished to a “glass-like” appearance.  The piece is signed on the back with his name and Tewa name hallmark meaning “Deer Path”.   The plate comes in a metal museum mount made specifically for this piece.

In stock

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