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Zane Smith, Jamie – Iroquois Jar with Flower Design


Zane Smith, Jamie – Iroquois Jar with Flower Design

7"w x 7.25"h
$ 1,000.00 $ 700.00
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Jamie Zane Smith creates dynamic pieces which combine strong forms with stamped surface designs. This striking jar is made with Oklahoma clay and coil built.  Jamie carves a stamp out of wood and uses that to texture his pottery.  This jar has a series of flowers which are impressed into the clay.  The rim of the jar is polished to create a visual contrast to the matte areas of the flowers.  The entire enterior of the jar is also fully polished.  Jamie brings together a multitude of dimensions in his work blending the historic past with his modern visions.  Jamie remains one of the young creative potters bringing life to the clay in an area outside the southwest.

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