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Zane Smith, Richard – Corrugated Plate with Stand (2006)

Zane Smith, Richard – Corrugated Plate with Stand (2006)

14" diameter
$ 6,000.00
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This a striking corrugated plate by Richard Zane Smith.   For his plates, the coils are smoothed out on one inside but left exposed on the other.  This distinctive style of pottery  is a revival of the pre-historic concept of corrugated pottery.  The earliest corrugated pieces were often baskets which had clay applied to them and then fired, creating a “corrugated” appearance.  The small coils are used as part of the design and give each piece a textural feel.  The plate provides a striking presentation of the corrugated style.  They ebb and flow across the surface creating small shadows when the plate is turned.  The coloration variation changes across the surface, creating a rainbow-like appearance.  The rim is incised to give the appearance of leather and the back in impressed with interlocking designs.  It is signed on the back, “Ricard Zane Smith”.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  There is a wood stand which Richard made for the plate and which he also signed.

In stock

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