Ziemienski, Dennis – “Late Summer Over Taos” Oil on Canvas (48″ x 72″)

$ 36,500.00

Dennis Ziemienski, a native San Franciscan, graduated cum laude from the California College of  Arts and Crafts. He is an internationally known painter, illustrator, and designer. His paintings have been in numerous one-man and group exhibitions and have won many awards. Dennis has taught at the California College of Arts and  Crafts and the Academy of Art in San Francisco. He has had studios in California and New York. Traveling to Europe frequently, Dennis has acquired an affinity for the architecture, lifestyle, and light of the  Mediterranean. His strong and richly colored images borrow much of their inspiration from early 20th century paintings and posters.   This painting is entitled, “Late Summer Over Taos”.  It is oil on canvas.  Dennis said of this painting:

“The afternoons of August and September are frequented by dramatic thunderstorms that create spectacular backdrops for the equally powerful architecture of the Taos Pueblo.  A thriving community for over a thousand years, the Pueblo is located among cottonwood trees in a high valley beneath New Mexico’s highest peaks.”