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Grace Chapella is one of the great Hopi matriarchs of the last century. She was the sister of Laura Tomosie and Dalee, the mother of Alma Tahbo, and the great grandmother of Mark Tahbo and Diana Tahbo. She led a remarkable life, becoming the first Hopi to fly in an airplane in 1927 and living over a century (107 years!). She grew up living next door to Nampeyo of Hano, who was fourteen years old. It was Nampeyo who taught her to make pottery. Grace revived designs from the Sikyatki ruins at the base of First Mesa and it is the classic butterfly or moth pattern for which she is the most famous. Grace’s pottery can be found in numerous books on Hopi pottery along with pieces in museums such as the Denver Art Museum, The Heard Museum and others. It is not often that we come across such classic pieces of her pottery, but they are certainly a testament to the history of Hopi culture and pottery.