Maria Martinez Pottery Signatures

 Signature History

Maria Martinez ( 1887-1980)

San Ildefonso Pueblo

Maria Martinez FiringMaria MartinezMaria MartinezMaria Martinez

Maria Martinez pottery signatures varied over her career, later becoming some of the most recognized in Native American pottery of the south western pueblo potters.  Maria learned to make pottery from her aunt. In 1904 she was married to Julian Martinez (1887-1943) and together they made a phenomenal team. Maria Martinez made the pottery and Julian painted the designs. In 1918-1919 they created a new style of pottery, the highly polished and matte painted “black-on-black” style. This innovation quickly became among the most popular style of pottery and made them famous. They perfected the red ware in 1924. After Julian passed away Maria continued to make pottery and it was then painted by her daughter-in-law Santana (1909-2002) and then later by her son, Popovi Da (1923-1971). Maria was awarded numerous accolades and awards for her pottery and was the subject of several books including Maria the Potter of San Ildefonso by Alice Marriot and The Legacy of Maria Poveka Martinez by Richard Spivey. (Click Here to Order)

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1923-25 Marie (Painted by Julian)

Maria MartinezMaria MartinezMaria Martinez Long Neck Vase Early1hMaria Martinez


1925-43 Marie + Julian

Maria Julian Butterfly Design Bowl1bMaria and Julian Plate with Old style avanyu1bMaria Julian Red Carved Jar1aMaria Julian Gunmetal Jar with Wind Pattern1a


1943-56 Marie + Santana

Marie Santana Jar iwth Feather Pattern1aMarie Santana Rain Seed Jar1aMaria Santana Plate w plant Design1bMarie Santana Feather Plate 3 lines1


1954-56 Maria + Santana

Maria Santana Small Feather Jar1bMaria Santana Feather Jar Tall1cMaria-Martinez-Santana-Bowl-w-Avanyu1


1956-65 Maria Poveka

Maria-Martinez-plainware-bowl1Maria Martinez Plainware plate1aMaria Poveka Martinez plainware bowl1aMaria Martinez Gunmetal Jar


1956- 59 Maria + Popovi (Firing Dates began to appear in 1959)

 Maria POpovi Prayer Feather Plate1aMaria Popovi Jar with Feather Pattern1cMaria POpovi Red Feather Plate1aMaria Popovi Avanyu large Plate1a


1959- 71 Maria + Popovi w/ Firing Date

  Maria Popovi Jar with Feather pattern1aMaria Popovi Sienna Feather Jar1cMaria Popovi Red Feather Jar1aMaria Popovie Sienna and Red Trio1a           


1968-71 Maria + Tony Da

Tony Maria Sig1b_DSC6694editl


1962-71 Popovi Da

Popovi Da Feather Bowl1bPopovi Da Bowl with Avanyu1cPopovi Da Large Gunmetal Jar1bPopovi Da Large Gunmetal Jar1d


Maria Pottery Coloration Variations

Maria Popovi Gunmetal Jar with Eagle Tail Design1cGunmetal Black (Maria/Popovi)

Maria Julian Red Plate1Red-on-Red (1925 to 30)

Maria Popovi Red Feather Jar1aBuff-on-Red (approx 1930 onward)

Maria Julian Red Carved Jar1Carved

 Maria Julian Polychrome Bowl1aaPolychrome (Maria/Julian)

Maria Popovi Large Polychrome Jar with Avanyu1aPolychrome (Maria/Popovi)

Maria Popovi Sienna Trio1Sienna (1961-71)

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