Our Guarantee


1.  All of the pottery on our website is hand coiled or pinched, not wheel thrown.  We do not carry cast or “greenware” molded pottery.

2.  All materials used in making these pieces are natural materials, including the slips and paints.

3.  We identify to the best of our ability, and relying upon the artist, to identify when pottery is electric kiln fired or non-native materials are used for painting.

4.  All of our artists are identified by their tribal affiliation in accordance with federal laws.

5.  All “Signed Historic” pottery typically comes to us through private collections.  We provide provenance to the best of our ability in accordance with the wishes of the seller.

6.  You must be 100% satisfied with your online purchase!  We want your return business, so let us know if you are unhappy for any reason!

7.  Did we miss something? Can we do something better? Faster? LET US KNOW!  We are always striving to be better!  

Let us Know at….[email protected]