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Laguna Pottery

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Laguna Pottery of Laguna Pueblo, English Pronunciation: “Lah-goon-ah ”
Traditional Name: Ka’waika.
It is the largest Keresan-speaking Pueblo, with around eight thousand members. They prize thinking above all human attributes, consequently, they value intellectual activity and education. A scholarship program is conducted by the Pueblo, thus insuring advanced study for many of the young people, making them among the best educated of all Pueblos.
Laguna Pueblo comprises six major villages, Laguna, Paguate, Encinal, Mesita, Seama, and Paraje, scattered over many acres with the political center at Laguna.

In the 1970s, the traditional craft of pottery making was re-established. Fine work in red, yellow, and orange geometric designs, similar to Acoma’s work, was created by a number of artists. Painters and jewelry makers have begun to work again in the ancient crafts, but they are bringing a modern note in the innovative designs and techniques which set their work apart from many other Indian craftsmen.

The feast of St. Joseph is celebrated on March 19th and on September 19th.