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San Juan Pottery, or Ohkay Owingeh

San Juan Pottery, or Ohkay Owingeh (formerly San Juan Pueblo).
English Pronunciation: “O-keh 0-weeng-eh”
Traditional Name: Ohkay Owingeh
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The Ohkay Owingeh people have a complex and fascinating cultural history. They divide the physical world into three parts: the village and surrounding land, which is the realm of the women, the second circle is comprised of the hills and mesa surrounding the first circle and is the realm of both men and women: the third circle encompasses all beyond the second and is the world of hunting and protection from a hostile outside world, and this is the exclusive realm of the men.

All ceremonies and dances are centered on this division of influences and relate to various aspects of daily and seasonal life.

Great importance is placed upon the teaching of responsibility. Although many Ohkay Owingeh people work outside the Pueblos, most of them return for ritual occasions and ceremonies.

Their language is Tewa.