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alice clingAlice Cling

alice clingAlice Cling is renown for her mastery of form in contemporary Navajo pottery. She was certainly pivotal in the evolution of Navajo pottery from folk art to fine art since the 1990s. Her perfectly balanced pottery seems to hover on a narrow base and gracefully rise to amazing heights only to be accented with a wide shoulder. Many of her works often have an asymmetric flow in design beginning from the opening, that flows gracefully with the design to the base.

Alice has won numerous awards for her pottery and has been featured in books such as "Legacy of Generations".  Alice uses traditional methods of pottery construction of coil, polish, open fire, and sap coating inside and out.  Each work has a beautiful rich red color with fire patterns that give the pot a very rich hand-worked art dimension.  We are pleased to carry the work of Alice along with many other traditional Navajo potters.

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