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Ursula Curran, Okkay Owingeh (San Juan) Pueblo, is the Daughter of Dolores Curran and the late Alvin Curran.  Her mother, Dolores is originally from Santa Clara Pueblo.

Like her mother and father, Ursula’s fine line painting over polished stone clay gives a wonderful juxtaposition of the patterns, which seem to give the designs a three-dimensional appearance.

Ursula began making pottery at the age of 21.  She learned the art of pottery making from her Mother Dolores, and some instruction from her Father Alvin. She occasionally does work with her brother Dwight.

Ursula has said; “Someday I hope to become a master potter, but I also hope to go back to school to study criminal profiling. I have high hope for my artwork.”  She credits her mother with helping guide her in her art as well as her life.  We are pleased to carry Ursula’s work as a continuation of the wonderful pottery innovations developed by her parents.