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Dennis Daubs, "Oboweya" is half Jemez and half San Ildefonso. His mother is Gerry Gauchupin, his sister is Patricia Daubs and his brother Steve Daubs. He was inspired to make pottery from his great grandmother Maria Sanchez and his grandmother Elvira Gachupin. Dennis specializes in the handmade sgraffito red or black polished pottery. He mixes, hand coils, shapes, etches, fires and polishes his own pottery using traditional techniques.

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Daubs, Dennis – Jar with Avanyu and Feathers

Dennis Daubs is known for his intricately incised pottery.  Each piece is coil built, stone polished and the imagery is etched into the surface of the clay.  This jar has a water serpent in one section of the design.  The remainder of the jar has etched feathers, rain and cloud patterns.  The designs are very intricately etched and note the precision of the lines. The piece is signed, “Dennis Daubs”.

$ 200.00
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