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debra duwyenieDebra Duwyenie

debra duwyenie Debra Duwyenie is renown for her highly polished incised pottery. At times she also works on pieces with her husband, noted potter Preston Duwyenie. On these pieces, he makes the piece of pottery, and she does the polishing and incised designs. Debra is a granddaughter of Petra Gutierrez and the niece of noted potters Gloria Garcia (Goldenrod) & Lois Gutierrez. Debra also made pieces with Harvey Chavarria (1943-1991), and they were signed "Debra + Harvey." It is significant that Debra does all of her sgraffito work into the clay before they are fired, which adds to the difficulty of her work. Debra has won numerous awards for her pottery at events such as Santa Fe Indian Market.  Debra uses the traditional methods of hand-coil, stone polish, paint, open fire, and hand sgraffito designs.  We are pleased to carry a selection of her work at both our Scottsdale and Santa Fe locations.

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Duwyenie, Debra & Preston – Seedpot with Eight Turtles

Debra Duwyenie is well known for her wonderful miniatures and incised designs. Each piece is stone polished and then it is etched before it is fired! This seedpot has eight turtles as the design.  Each of the turtles has a different design on the back.  Note the one with the wavy lines, that one is meant to represent Preston Duwyenie, her husband, who is known for his “shifting sand” pottery.  There are additional dragonflies and a water serpent at the base of the design.  Note that the lighter red matte areas are where Debra has only etched away the polished surface but not down as far as the tan color of the clay. Debra also pays close attention to the little details like the tan background area and how evenly she etches the vertical lines. The seedpot is traditionally fired.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay with Preston’s hallmark and “Debra”.

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Duwyenie, Debra – Plate with 19 Hummingbirds

This plate was made by Preston Duwyenie and polished and incised by Debra Duwyenie.  The design on the front is fully polished and full of imagery. The design is a flowering plant which extends up from the vase.  Each of the flowers are etched into the clay and the center of each is matte, which is just where the polished slip has been etched away.  For nearly each flower is a hummingbird, each of which are also etched into the clay and with matte bellies.  There are 19 hummingbirds on the plate!  There are also additional butterflies and note near the top is a sunface and extending from the sun are rain and cloud designs.  The back of the plate is fully polished and signed with Debra’s name and Preston’s hallmark.


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