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Nicholas Ebelacker, SFIM, 2017 Jerome is a son of Jerome Ebelacker, a grandson of Richard Ebelacker, a great-grandson of Virginia Ebelacker and a great-great-grandson of Margaret Tafoya. Nick learned to make pottery from his father and uncle Jason. His work is inspired by the classic shapes and designs of his family and the Pueblo.

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Ebelacker, Nickolas – Storage Jar Shape with Bear Paws

Nickolas Ebelacker is only 19 years old and a son of Jerome Ebelacker and a grandson of Richard Ebelacker.  Nickolas make a few pots each year and this is a classic shape of the storage jar.  It has the high shoulders of the jars made by his great-grandmother Virginia Ebelacker.  The jar is coil built, stone polished and native fired black.  It has two bear paws impressed into the jar as the design.  It is signed on the bottom.

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