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Mike Esch

Michael Esch

Michael Esch is an artist in Colorado.  He has worked professionally for over 40 years with work in the US and is recognized for realist and stylized cloudscapes in oil, acrylic, and multimedia glass installations.  In addition, he has performed extensive commission work ranging from small to large paintings for private, corporate, and institutional collections.  “Nothing worthwhile is easy or without challenge, and that is how I approach art.

My cloudscape and landscape paintings are a relatively straightforward way to express how I feel about nature, how striking it is now, and how it may have looked hundreds of years ago.  I will often erase human development from my work and paint as realistically as possible to convey an accurate vision of how my mind’s eye sees the environment.  All too often, civilization creates ugliness; my work is a window into how nature may appear without human intervention.

I try to be as overt as possible in scale, movement, and expression in the large-scale mural and multimedia installations.  I painted the largest painting on canvas in the world at the Air Force Academy (1997), and it remains overpowering to viewers below.  My multimedia glass installations are also about visual impact, nature in its unspoiled state, and interaction with the work by moving past it.

I hope that my art will impact the world in such a way that people can see the beauty of the natural world the way that I do and influence the preservation of unspoiled environments.