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Green-on-Black Jar by Martha Appleaf Fender, San Ildefonso Martha Appleleaf learned to make pottery from her mother, Carmelita Vigil Dunlap. Her brother, Carlos Dunlap, and sisters, are also well known pottery. Her son, Erik Fender, continues the family tradition of making pottery. Martha would watch her aunts, Maria Martinez and Desideria Montoya. During her early years she experimented, making green on red pots like her uncle, Tsa-Pe, and cream on red pots like her other uncle, Albert Vigil.

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Appleleaf, Martha Fender – Green-on-Black Water Jar

Martha Appleleaf learned to make pottery from her mother, Carmelita Vigil Dunlap. Today she continues to create distinctive pottery with traditional designs.  This is a classic shaped water jar with a sharp shoulder and a micaceous clay rim. The jar has been painted with a green clay slip, which has a very subtle green coloration after the firing. The design is a feather pattern around the shoulder and a prayer feather design around the neck.  Below the shoulder are tadpoles. The jar is signed on the bottom in the clay.

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