Bertha Gachupin , “Thunder Flower”, is from Jemez Pueblo. Bertha was inspired to learn the art of making pottery by her grandmother, Persingula Gachupin. She was also inspired artistically and economically to continue the family tradition of hand coiling pottery.

Bertha specializes in handmade corn stalk pottery. She has continued to use only traditional methods to make her pottery and has mastered the hand coiling, stone polish, and traditional firing needed to perfect her pottery. Bertha’s unique style is to use a buff or red slip on the pottery, then apply melon swirls that are carved into her pottery. She then accents the finished product with corn painted designs to denote her clan origin. The pottery is then hand polished after firing.

She is related to Marie Romero(aunt), Lenora Fragua (mother), Maxine Toya (cousin), Laura Gachupin (cousin), and Virginia “Ponca” Fragua (sister).

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