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Cavan is a great-great grandson of Maria Martinez, and the son of noted potter Barbara Gonzales. His creative pottery brings to life many of the old traditions of the pueblo. Cavan has won numerous awards for his pottery and his pieces can be found in museums around the US. He is also featured in various books, including "The Legacy of Maria Poveka Martinez". He continues to bring to life the tradition revived by his family over a century ago!

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Gonzales, Cavan  – Black Clay Big Horn Sheep

This large clay Big Horn Sheep is made out of clay by Cavan Gonzales.  Cavan is a descendant of Maria Martinez and the son of Barbara Gonzales.  This piece is polished on the front and then mica slipped on the back.  It has been fired black.  The use of the Big Horn Sheep is a symbolic representation of one’s own self worth.  There are inset bands of hei-shi in turquoise and shell.  It is a striking contrast of matte and polished surfaces.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay.

$ 800.00
Gonzales, Cavan  – Polychrome Water Jar with Plant Designs

This is a large water jar by Cavan Gonzales. He is a descendant of Maria Martinez, through her son Adam Martinez.  Cavan is one of the few potters today who continues to make traditional polychrome pottery.  This jar is painted black-on-tan above the shoulder with a plant design.  There are cloud and rain patterns also in black.  Below the shoulder the jar is polished to a high shine.  There are etched cloud, rain and plant patterns in the red area.  There are coral insets around the neck of the jar and a band of hei-shi beads around the shoulder.  Below the shoulder in the red polished area there are inset turquoise stones connected with each of the etched designs.  The jar has been traditionally fired and it is signed on the bottom in the clay.


$ 3,600.00
Gonzales, Cavan  – Polychrome Plate with Butterfly

This larger plate by Cavan Gonzales is a beautiful example of both his clay and painting skill.  As a form, many Pueblo potters dislike to create plates, as they break frequently while drying and firing.  Cavan is one of the few who has been making this form most of his career.  This plate is polychrome with a butterfly painted in the center.  There is a checkerboard pattern around the rim of the piece.  Note as well there is a single inset piece of turquoise for the head of the butterfly.  The back of the plate is slipped red and signed by Cavan.

$ 800.00
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