Petra Montoya Gutierrez was a daughter of Antonio Montoya and Maria de la Paz Grey. She was married to Juan Isidro Gutierrez. Juan was a son of Pascualita Tafoya and the brother of Lorencita Tafoya, Celestina Tafoya, Dolorita Tafoya and Barbarita Tafoya. Petra was the mother of noted potters Gloria “Golden Rod” Garcia, Thelma Talachy, Lois Gutierrez, and Minnie Vigil. Her grandchildren include Jason Garcia, Juan de La Cruz, and Debra Duwyenie. She began making pottery in the 1940s, learning from her mother-in-law. She was featured in the “7 Families in Pueblo Pottery” book and over the years won numerous awards for her pottery.

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