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Kimberly Honyumptewa
Kimberly Honyumptewa, Laguna – Otoe Missoura, is from Laguna Pueblo and married to Aaron Honyumptewa who is Hopi/Picuris. She learned to make pottery from her mother-in-law in the traditional Picuris style and using native clay from the area. Each piece is coil built and traditionally fired.  My Big Bear clan comes from the Otoe Missoura tribe in Oklahoma. My little Parrot clan comes from the Laguna Pueblo, (Kawaika) New Mexico. My family is My World. I have been searching most of my life for spirituality, unconditional love, and traditional and cultural wisdom. I am grateful, happy and content, ‘Da wah eh, Isss Asquali.’ My one hope for all Native people is to remember where we come from, and why we have what we have. It's more important than what we wish love, peace, forgiveness, strength, respect, happiness and good wishes to all.