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rondina humarondina humaRondina Huma

Rondina Huma (b.1947) is from Keams Canyon, Arizona, and she has continuously lived in the Hopi village of Polacca since childhood.  Without any commercial training, she has mastered the art of traditional Hopi Pottery making and has become one of the most influential Hopi potters working today. Her intricately painted pottery has changed the face of contemporary Hopi pottery. Each piece is coil-built, fully stone-polished and painted with native clays and beeweed (black vegetal paint), and native fired.  She has won the “Best of Show” award at Santa Fe Indian Market twice, in 1986 and 1997, a remarkable achievement for an artist.  Her work is consistent and of outstanding quality, with precision painting and continual innovation of design.  Rondina often signs her work with the Parrot symbol for her clan, her name, and Hopi-Tewa. Her beautiful pottery is visually important and is always a great addition to any collection.

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