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Robert Kasero, Sr, Op-Art Seedpots

Robert Kasero is a Laguna potter who learned to make pottery from Paula Estevan. Much like her work, his pieces are very thin walled and precision painted. In addition to the thin walls, he also slightly indents the bottoms of his pottery, reminiscent of the historic Laguna vessels. He is definitely a potter to watch!

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Kasero, Sr., Robert – Seedpot with Swirling Rain Design

This is an intricately painted seedpot by Robert Kasero.  It is very thin walled and painted with an “op-art” style of rain design.  The design is small at the top and then enlarges at the shoulder and small again at the base.  It is dynamic in the flow of the tightly painted designs.  The design is a swirling cloud and rain motif.  Note how the base of the seedpot is also indented keeping in the style of historic Laguna pottery.  It is signed on the bottom.

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