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Adrienne Roy Keene is known for her corrugated style of pottery. Carving into the pottery surface she creates triangular designs on her pottery and complements it with traditional painted designs. She has won numerous awards at Santa Fe Indian Market and the Heard Museum Indian Market.

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Roy-Keene, Adrianne – Corrugated Jar with Animal Medallions

Adrianne Roy-Keene is known for her intricately painted and carved miniatures. This jar is painted on the sides with four medallions.  Each medallion has a different Acoma image. There is a heartline deer, fish, bird, and butterfly.  Each is very tightly painted and separated by a fine-line hatchwork design.  However, it is the top of the jar which is Adrienne’s hallmark design.  The top is carved with a series of triangular corrugated patterns which get smaller as they approach the neck of the piece.  It is amazing how detailed it is for the size!  The piece is signed on the bottom with her name inside a feather hallmark.

$ 650.00
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