Ramita Martinez was one of the three pivotal potters (also Virginia Duran and Cora Duran) working to preserve and revive Picuris pottery in the 20th century. Her pottery was thin walled and the micaceous clay of the area allowed the pieces to be used for utilitarian purposes. The sign at the end of the images above is a Historic Marker in New Mexico which reads, "Maria Ramita Simbola Martinez, Cora Durand, and Virginia Duran helped to preserve the distinctive micaceous pottery tradition that is important in Picuris and other nearby pueblos. Made with locally mined mica-rich clay, these unusual pots have a glittery sheen. They are fired at low temperatures which makes them ideal for cooking. While valued for their utility, these pots are also now considered works of art." She certainly left an historic impact through her work with the clay!

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