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Iris Nampeyo

Iris Yovella Nampeyo

Iris Yovella Nampeyo was a Hopi-Tewa potter and member of the Corn Clan.  She came from a family of talented potters, including her siblings: Tonita Nampeyo, Tom Polacca, Elva Nampeyo, and Leah Garcia Nampeyo. Iris was a granddaughter of Nampeyo of Hano and the daughter of Fannie Nampeyo. She was married to Wallace Youvella, Sr and had talented children who created pottery, Nolan, Charlene, Wallace Jr.,  and Doran.  Iris is best known for her buff-colored pottery with a single ear of corn as the design.  Her beautiful buff polish on Hopi clay colors, combined with the graceful lines of cornhusks, is a sign of her clan ties.  The openings on her pottery also reflect the asymmetry of lines and shape of the pot.  We are sad to hear of her passing in September 2018, but her pottery remains a classic.

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